The theme of reuse is not something new, spaces for living have always seen changes in functions, images, form and they are reinterpreted and updated by the history.

The interdisciplinary approach of this congress, for the first time organized in 2013, aims to reconnect different subjects never considered together from a scientific point of view until today. The congress reinforces and renovates the themes developed in the previous editions, going deeper on specific aspects of the reuse related with the different disciplines gravitating around the architecture.

One of the main tasks of the congress is to reach a better understanding of knowledge and strategies of intervention for the conservation and promotion of the architectural, urban and landscape heritage in an international context. The congress aims to bond the international academic community interested in the scientific publishing, giving a space for the discussion of themes related to the investigation, conservation and reuse of the architectural heritage, and offering an opportunity for the dissemination of research’s results and the sharing of an educational experience.

ReUSO 2016 looks for an analysis of procedures for the promotion of historical and architectural heritage in different cultural contexts in order to enhance a process of conservation and flexibility of the new functions in relation with market changes. The congress aims to an analysis of urban strategies and technological aspects connected with the rehabilitation of the built environment. It is of critical importance to disseminate practical an theoretical knowledge for the improvement of constructive approaches and think about the compatibility of the interventions with the cultural and material value of the heritage.

ReUSO 2016 is, like previous editions, addressed to academic community and entrepreneurs, qualified in the restoration field, and it wants to offer the opportunity to share experiences, studies and projects to enhance the rehabilitation of architectural heritage.