The University of Pavia – Faculty of Engineering – Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, in collaboration with Universidad Politecnica de Madrid – Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura and University of Florence – Department of Architecture, proposes an international congress focused on the study of themes related with conservation and reuse of the existing heritage.

The congress has been celebrated in June 2013 at the Escuela de Architectura de la Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Reuso2013 – La experiencia del reuso [The experience of Reuse] ), in November 2014 at the University of Florence, Faculty of Architecture (Reuso2014 –  La cultura del restauro e della valorizzazione, temi e problemi per un percorso internazionale di conoscenza [The culture of Restoration and promotion, themes and problems for an international path of knowledge] ), and in October 2015 at the Escuela Tecnica Superior de Ingenieria de la Edificación of the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (Reuso 2015 – III Congreso Internaciónal sobre Documentación, Conservación y Reutilización del Patrimonio Arquitectonico y Paisajistico [3rd International Congress on Investigation, Conservation and Reuse of the Architectural Heritage and Landscape] ).

In the day of 6-7-8 October 2016 the 4th Congress on reuse will take place in Pavia. The happening aims to promote the exchange of experiences and criteria on an topical theme: the reuse of architectural, urban and landscape heritage.