Topics and sections

Topic 1) Strategies of heritage documentation:
The documentation of the heritage is particularly interesting because of its opportunities in terms of technology that have matured over the past decade and for its major contribution to the conservation of the heritage itself. Survey allows to clearly specify, both from the point of view of the technologies to be used and from the point of view of operational strategies, the contents of operations and activities to be performed, providing a fundamental basis for diagnostics and for the activities of simulation of the final results of the project of documentation and restoration. In this topic are included the experiences aimed to create management systems and databases for the knowledge of the heritage.

Topic 2) Strategies and methodologies for restoration and preservation of the heritage:
In this topic are included all those aspects related with training and problems of integration of the discipline  of Restoration and education in the European Academies of Architecture; the experiences of restoration and structural consolidation and seismic safety; the problem of construction waste between structural safety and architectural compatibility; the activities that produce a reflection on economic policy in favor of building restoration and recovery.

Topic 3) Strategies for the compatibility of the interventions:
In this topic are included the experiences in which priority is given to the aim of providing design solutions for constructive, functional, typological and formal feasibility and compatibility of an intervention on the existing heritage. Reflections on the new social and cultural needs, on technical and functional solutions related with sustainability and energy efficiency, on the use and valorization of the heritage in terms of accessibility and its reuse are also part of this topic.

Topic 4) Re-compose architecture: theoretical and design approaches for the reuse of the buildings:
The aim of this topic is the reflect on the issue of reuse, trying to combine the theoretical level of the discipline of the project, through the proposal of new theoretical application, with the applied research, identifying strategies, manners of intervention, operational issues and good practices.

Topic 5) Innovative tools for the protection and enhancement of settlement:
In Europe (and in the world) terms such as regeneration, reduction of consumptions, conversion, enhancement, growth and sustainable expansion are some of the keywords not only for individual buildings, but also for entire systems and / or industrial, urban and landscape compartments. The way we will intervene on the architectural and landscape heritage, will be crucial not only for our future from an economic and cultural point of view, but also for the understanding of how the challenge of climate change can be conquered through the improvement of the existing heritage. In this topic are included the experiences related with landscape and urban renewal.